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"Have fun with the twins!"

- Force Ghost of Zenair

Galactic News

Our Story So Far...(158 ABY)

Graduation! The Blackheart-Solo heirs, Han and Leia, along with their best friend Zeon Gascano, have graduated from their respective academies. Mal and Kaileen gave their children a ship and an astromech droid for graduation. Zeon needed crystals for his lightsabers, so they took off to go find some.

Before they got very far their ship, christened the Kings and Queens in Waiting, was yanked from hyperspace by an ancient Interdiction ship. After a brief firefight and a lot of shouting over coms, the kids got the old star destroyer to stop shooting. The Captain of the ancient ship explained they were from before the Battle of Yavin. The kids explained the current date, and when the ship didn't believe them, had the interdiction ship follow them back to Ord Radama. The sight of the shipyards in orbit convinced the ancient Imperials that they were lost in time, and they agreed to go to Bastion to meet the Emperor. But first Leia and Han took a tour of the ship, Leia squeeing over the ancient systems and real clone troopers and uploading everything to her holofeed.

The ancient Imperials swore loyalty to Fel, and revealed their mission had been hunting fleeing Jedi. The path would have brought the Jedi near Ossus, so in the hopes of learning more, Fel sent Han, Leia, and Zeon to retrieve the data archives on the Yuuzhan Vong world. They agreed since Zeon wanted to look for crystals. Lt. DaFarge thought the kids were fun, and got permission to transfer onto their ship.

The Yuuzhan Vong were not pleased with their requests to land, but grudgingly permitted it after hearing they were sent by the Emperor and would leave quickly. A guide led them through  the jungles to the old Academy, where they found a small colony of wyrwulves who claimed to be descended from Lirano. The wyrwulves had been stranded on world when the Yuuzhan Vong took over.  They rescued the wyrwulves and headed back to Bastion.

Cargo Running

While the rest of the wyrwulves were content to stay on Bastion and wait for Lirano, Dax asked to join the crew of the Kings and Queens in Waiting. They agreed, and set out to get him a vocalizer, so needed to travel to Munto Codru. They picked up a cargo to haul and made it to Munto Codru, got a vocalizer for Dax, and managed to get cargo for the ride home. Leia even got a side deal if they returned to Munto Codru - which, since the cargo seemed to be fun, they decided to do. This time though, they were asked to ship a rancor, a highly illegal cargo.

They picked up the rancor on Dathomir after delivering some big game hunters to the world, and were dismayed to find out the creature wasn't in a stasis pod. But the handlers gave Zeon an amulet that was capable of controlling the creature. With the amulet in hand and the promise of a lot of credits, they took the rancor on board and headed to the buyer. They ran afoul of Fel's inspectors, but Han talked them out of getting boarded after Leia's original bluff failed.