"I've lost track of Who I'm Double-Crossing."


Fel's Empire

Following the Second Imperial Civil War, Emperor Fel returned to Bastion, continuing to oversee the Empire from his former war base as Coruscant required significant rebuilding. Bastion has a functioning court, the beauracratic offices that run the galaxy, and several Noble Houses' permanent enclaves. The One Sith remnants are in hiding throughout the Galaxy. The Galactic Remnant was wiped out during the war. Fel's people are working hard to restore peace, security, and stability to the Galaxy.

The Imperial Line of Succession:

Emperor Roan Fel

Princess Marasiah Fel-Skywalker

Princess Asuka Fel-Skywalker

Lord Malcolm Tiberius Reynolds Blackheart-Solo

Lady Leia Raven Blackheart-Solo

Lord Han Alvin Blackheart-Solo

Lady Kaileen Ilora Seville Solo-Blackheart

Jedi Master Borol Seville


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After Sith Master Lady Ceyl Ookita, several apprentices, and most of her BlackGuard were lost on Korriban and eventually declared dead, several people suddenly found themselves a great deal richer than expected. Ceyl had split her shares of Heavenly Voice Shipping and the Heavenly Voice Shipyard amongst the living Blackguard or their immediate families. The wife and children of Alvin Seville, Captain of the Ceyl's Blackguard, received the bulk of the shares and were now very, very wealthy.

During the rebuilding of the galaxy following the Yuuzhong Vong War, the Sevilles were ennobled as a reward for several generous donations towards the rebuilding effort by the Galactic Empire. They became known as House Blackheart, named after Alvin Seville's codename in the Blackguard. The House was recognized with two families: the Sevilles, who comprised the mainline of the House, and the Millers, a branch of the family.

When Krayt betrayed the Fel Empire and declared himself Emperor, betraying the Jedi as well, those members of House Blackheart who were allied to the Dark claimed Darth Krayt's empire was the truest expression of the ideals of Alvin and Ceyl, and swore allegiance to him. The other part of the House remained loyal to the Fel dynasty and declared those serving Krayt traitors to Alvin's legacy and Ceyl's example. Of course, those loyal to Darth Krayt claim those in Fel's service are the traitors. The mainline branch split, with Lord and Lady Blackheart and two of their children fleeing into exile with Fel's Court, while two of their children swore allegiance to Krayt and joined his forces.

House Solo, cousins to the Fels, was nearly wiped out during the Second Imperial War. A series of assassinations carried out by Berana Blackheart destroyed the family. Mal was the only one to escape, hidden away by a friend of the family. Planning revenge, Mal joined the One Sith, moving through the ranks in order to get close enough to kill Berana.

When in the course of his missions he was found by the crew of the Blood Diamond, he threw in with them, recognizing another way to accomplish his goals. He swore loyalty to Fel's Empire and made a political offer of marriage to Kaileen Blackheart as part of restoring his House to it's role in the galaxy. He finished reclaiming Solo's place in the galaxy when he personally slew Darth Krayt.

By the time the war ended, the title of House Blackheart had passed to Kaileen Blackheart. Her father, her sister, one of her brothers, and her Uncle were dead. Her remaining brother, Borol, abdicated his position in the House, becoming Master of the remaining Jedi Order. Her mother remains on Bastion, never leaving the planet, and overseeing the House Enclave. Mal was officially recognized by the Fels as Lord Solo. Mal and Kaileen married, and united they are in charge of the only remaining shipyard of significant size, Heavenly Voice Shipyards. They are rebuilding Corellia and restoring the shipyards there.

The Jedi Order

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For nearly a century the Jedi Academy was a place of learning and study in the arts of the Force - all arts, not just those of the Light. Luke Skywalker's association with Ceyl Ookita during the destruction of the Emperor's clone and the subsequent annihilation of any Imperial remnants left in the galaxy had taught him that "If I have learned is that the Force is more all-embracing than I ever realized. Light and Dark do not always stand opposed but mingle with each other in curious ways. More important, the Force seems to have a will, and it's when we're acting against the will of the Force that we can get into trouble." There are indications from some of his writings that his time spent communing with his Father's force spirit had reinforced some of this belief, and led to the teaching at the Academy that "the Jedi, the Light, provides the balance, and the Sith and the Dark are the counterbalance, leading to a harmony within the Force and an ultimate balance."

As a result, the Jedi Academy founded by Master Skywalker included Master Ookita, the Master of the Sith; the academy itself contained three tracks: Light, Dark, and Balance, wherein students studied to harmonize the two paths. Luke taught both the Light and the Balance, while Ceyl oversaw the students of the Dark. Eventually Luke turned over the Light to another instructor and led the overall Academy in the path of harmony. He moved the Academy to Ossus to avoid political entanglements with the new Galactic Republic led by his former apprentice, Zanair Bodhari.

In modern times, the Jedi Academy, which retained that name even with the continued Sith presence, was a beacon for learning, meditation, and experimentation with the Force. It is not known how long Krayt planned his rebellion and rise to power, but there are no records of him at the Jedi Academy. Clearly he had been in contact with Sith there, as in the years prior to the Massacre there was evidence of growing hostilities between the Light and Dark students, and those seeking Harmony were finding it harder to work with either side.

Following the Massacre at Ossus, any Sith or Jedi from the Academy who did not swear allegiance to Darth Krayt were put under death sentence, and many were hunted down and killed. Nearly all of the Sith at the Academy all turned to Krayt, and a few of the Jedi as well; however most Jedi went into hiding throughout the galaxy. In hiding they remained until it became clear that Emperor Fel was willing to work with them to restore the galaxy to peace. The Jedi Order allied with the Empire and assisted in destroying the armies of the One Sith.

The Jedi Order has shifted focus from Light or Dark and now espouses a Grey Path, one of true balance in the Force. The Jedi, those few Sith who remained loyal, and the galaxy at large are tired of the fighting. Those who follow the Light or the Dark are considered with some suspicion, although if they are loyal to Fel or the new Jedi Order they are accepted grudgingly.

The Seal of the Academy pictured above shows the symbol of the new Jedi Order surrounded by a circle of Sith runes. The runes are said to contain one of Master Ookita's prophecies but translation has proven difficult, leading to the rumor they will be understood by the right person at the right time, and not before. It is also rumored the original seal was carved by Ceyl Ookita using Sith Sorcery and that the runes will convey power to the right individuals, leading to decades of students trying to unlock their secrets to no avail. After the war, Emperor Fel deeded Ossus to the Yuuzhan Vong. The seal in the great academy is broken, cracked down the center in a curving line reminiscent of a wave. Whether Ceyl's prophecy has been fulfilled, or if there ever was one, is unknown as no one is permitted on the planet any longer. The Academy was relocated to temporary quarters on Bastion while permanent facilities are built on Coruscant.

Other Organizations

The Galaxy remains a lawless place, particularly on the rim. Along with the normal players for power, such as the Hutt Cartels, new groups are vying for control, power, wealth, or all three.

Republic Faction: A small group of ships and world still dedicated to the Republic and remaining independant of Emperor Fel's unification efforts.

League of Bandit Systems: Unknown

Enemy of the Yuuzhan Vong: The Yuuzhan Vong say the enemy they fled is still exists.